Monday, August 25, 2014

Introvert or extrovert?

Hermits & Party Animals!

At my recent masterclass a young lady asked me if I thought that being an introvert was a disadvantage as a communicator.
The question seemed to assume that the extroverts must have an automatic advantage because being more social and outgoing must be an asset denied to the more ‘inward looking’ types.
Our classic thinking about these two personality types is that extroverts are more gregarious party animals and are therefore more confident about speaking in public.
In contrast, the introverts are hermits who hate parties shun being in groups and are socially inept.This stereotypical thinking shows a total lack of understanding about the different personality types that God made as an expression of himself.
God Is both extrovert and introvert; he is both outgoing and inward in his nature.Introverts are not anti social they just socialise differently to the extroverts.
Introverts live more from within, they are contemplative quiet and prefer to process things privately before talking to others.
Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert see it as an advantage because comparison is foolish, one’s not better than the other and neithers’ job is to fix the other.
Another man at the masterclass asked how introverts can reach people for Christ.
My answer was they reach people in an introvert way and reach introvert types something that extroverts can’t do.
Part of what causes this stereotypical thinking is that in the charismatic church we’ve generally favoured the extrovert types, filled our platforms and staff with them and perhaps unconsciously undervalued the more contemplative inward people.
Jesus chose both the extroverted Peter and the introverted John and we are indebted to both men for how they each related to Jesus and allowed us to see him through their eyes.
Be happy in your own skin and be the best you you can be! 
 (extracted from Paul's Scanlon's article)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Focus on that ONE thing

Just because we can do a number of things well doesn't mean we should attempt to do them all."

There will always be one main calling on each of our lives. GOD equips us with gift for that calling. So we should focus on that ONE THING. It is necessary to sacrifice everything else to fulfill that call, to focus all our resources on that one goal. Only then will we succeed. For our highest effectiveness comes as we focus our lives on thar singular high calling of God."

(Extracted from "You the Leader" by Phil Pringle, pg 47, 49)